Ever thought about taking part in one of our sprints but never got round to it? Join us at Blyton Park on Sunday 31st March for our pre season shakedown with an AM trackday & PM sprint taster session. Primarily aimed at newcomers this is your chance to dip your toes into the water with a normal trackday in the morning from £85 and a 'just for fun' sprint in the afternoon from £65 so a cheap way of giving it a go before our sprint championship starts two weeks later on 14th April.


We've some simple classes setup just to get you running in the right order and some simple safety regs to make sure you're OK to take part, see the tabs on the sprint booking page for full details. There are no awards for the sprint (other than bragging rights) but it's just a fun 3-4 run bit of friendly competition where you can give it a go in a low pressure environment. You just need an IOPD competition licence but that is as simple as putting your basic details into a form online and paying £15 for the event or £25 for the year. Almost all trackday vehicles can take part (just check the regs for noise, safety gear and roll over protection requirements) and as it's a fairly short run with a rest in between your normal road car will do the job just as well.

If you're ever worried about being competitive on a sprint just remember it doesn't really matter, as long as the times are coming down and you're having fun doing it that's all that counts.