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Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch offers two layout configurations: the most commonly used shorter "Indy" layout (1.198 miles) is located entirely within a natural amphitheatre offering views of almost all of the shorter configuration from wherever you watch. The longer "Grand Prix" layout (2.433 miles) played host to Formula One in the past. Noise restrictions and the proximity of local residents to the Grand Prix loop mean that the number of days  held on the extended circuit are limited to just a few per year. Situated near Swanly in Kent always proves very popular with drivers. 

The Noise Limit at Brands Hatch is usually 105dba Static and 92 dba Drive By although make sure the details for each event as these details may differ.

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19th Aug - Brands Hatch (Eve)
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Mon | 102/90dba | Indy Circuit

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Reward Points Earned: 8

Tue | 105/92dba | Indy Circuit

Ex Tax:£132.50
Reward Points Earned: 7

Mon | 105/92dba | Indy Circuit

Ex Tax:£115.83
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