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Driving Licences

If you have lost, misplaced or sent off your driving licence then providing it is a UK licence then you will need to provide proof via the DVLA in order to get onto the trackday. Please note that this the only accepted form of verification and copies of licences are not accepted so to verify your licence follow the steps below.

  1. Visit and log into your driving licence online using your licence number, national insurance number and postcode. If you do not have these details then there are other options available to verify your identity.

  2. Once you have logged in click the tab on the right ‘Share my Licence Information

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to generate an 8 digit check code

  4. When you have generated the code click on ‘Print or save a driving summary’ directly underneath it which will save a PDF of that page to your device and then should do one of the following. Bring the information with you on the day .i.e on your phone to present at check in.

Do not use the check code yourself as it is one use only and you will invalidate it.
NB:- Without proof of Licence you will not be able to drive on track.


International Licences

International driving licences can be used on trackdays providing they have a photo and clearly show Date of Birth, Validity or Expiry Dates and the categories of vehicles that it enables the holder to drive. Any international licence written in english or most european languages can be accepted as they are relatively easy to translate but licences that use a different alphabet than the UK cannot be accepted unfortunately. Any international licence must be physically present on the day as outside services to verify those licences cannot be accepted nor can a picture or photocopy. If you are unsure then please check before the event.


Section 88 Drivers

Some more senior drivers or those with certain medical conditions may be permitted to participate in trackdays under section 88 whilst their licences are being processed or updated by DVLA and they do not have it in their possession. In these cases you must either be able to log into the DVLA website and show your licence as currently valid or in date or you must be able to present an in date letter from DVLA covering the period of the trackday permitting you to still drive under Section 88 whilst your licence is in process. Unfortunately sometimes DVLA will inform the driver they can still drive under section 88 but not provide a letter as evidence in which case we cannot permit you to drive on the trackday as there is no way for us to verify this is true, similarly a doctors note enabling you to drive again cannot be accepted before DVLA have processed it.

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