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Winter Weather Policy

There has been a lot of talk on the trackday scene recently about what happens in the event of cancellation of an event due to bad weather. It can happen but thankfully very rarely. In our 20+ years of operating we at Javelin Trackdays Ltd are extremely proud of our handling of such issues.

The purpose of the terms below is to hopefully clarify and reassure you that reasonable procedures are in place should the worst happen.

When booking an event in the UK in winter it has to be acknowledged that there is a slim chance that it may be affected by the weather. Snow, Fog, Rain or Ice. This could take the form of delayed start due to ice / fog, interupted day due to heavy rain through to a full cancellation due to snow etc. That is why entry fees are usually much cheaper in winter months. Rest assured however that the majority of events run fine or we would not be listing them.

In every situation you will find both us and venue operators doing their utmost to get you out on track enjoying yourself as quickly and as safely as possible. That’s our business

If an event is cancelled by a circuit operator or in the case of airfields by ourselves due to adverse weather conditions then our Contingency Plan kicks in.

1) Firstly we would endeavour to let everyone concerned know as soon as possible by notice on our website. It is always a good idea to check the website before leaving home at any time of the year.

2) We send out a blanket email to all involved, so please make sure we have an active email address when you book. Please check your emails before travelling.

3) If the cancellation is made less than 18 hours before the event Sign On time. We start telephoning / texting all involved using the information you have provided in your Booking Form (this is why we ask the questions on the form).

4) Clients are then sent an email  details options etc.

It should be noted that if a client cancels a booking prior to an event being officially cancelled by the Venue Operator or Javelin Trackdays Ltd then our normal Terms and Conditions will apply. There will be no retrospective refund or credit.

In any situation our priority will be to inform clients of a cancellation as early as possible to save travel and incidental expense. It is reasonable to expect that Javelin Trackdays Ltd, Venue Operators or their agents can only be held responsible for the Event Entry Fee itself. Any additional / incidental expenses incurred as a result of booking such as accommodation, travel costs etc are the responsibility of the client.

No hidden catches just simple customer service.

PLEASE NOTE – Due to the easy rapid spread of mis-information on Social Media it should be noted that the website will always be the first thing to be updated in the event of a cancellation, we will not disclose any information over the phone before the site is updated so calling will not get you any advance information prior to an announcement.

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