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14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)

14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)

16:00 - Check In Opens
17:30 - Sighting Laps
17:50 - Open Pit Lane
20:00 - Trackdays Ends

Events in winter months will finish at Dusk.

All times are approximate and subject to change.

14th Aug - Cadwell Park (Eve)
Layout : Full (2.25 miles)
Format : Open Pit Lane
Noise : 105dba Static
Overtaking : Left Hand Side on Straights Only and with co-operation around Chris Curve
Additions : See Item Info Tab for full information
Available on the day only
Passengers – £10
Helmet Hire – £10
Driver Name

The person who will be driving the vehicle the most, usually the person placing the order as booking information is recorded against this name.

Car Make & Model

Note your vehicle here, we like to know what to expect but if the vehicle changes then providing it is still suitable to take part in the event you can let us know beforehand or on the day.

Additional Drivers

Add an additional driver and give them the opportunity to share your car and tracktime on this event. A great way to thank friends, supporters and sponsors, take advice from more experienced drivers or just do it for the thrill. Drivers automatically qualify as passengers as well.

Participants need to be able to meet the following criteria:-
  • 2 Additional drivers per vehicle maximum
  • Additional drivers can also be added on the day (cash only)
  • Drivers must be able to produce a full DVLA driving licence, international equivalent or MSUK/FIA competition licence for the class of vehicle to be used

Book instruction slots of 20 minutes for £25 each, the instructor will sit alongside you in the passenger seat and give you tips and advice throughout your session so it’s a great addition for all skill levels. When using open face helmets you will still be required to wear a face mask as well to help protect both yourself and the instructor.

Garage Reservation

Reserve a garage space on an event to store your gear or avoid the weather. A garage space refers to a single garage door space which may be large enough to accommodate up to 2 vehicles depending on the venue. If you wish to arrange for garages to be together then please request it in the comments at the checkout or use the garage request form, garages booked by the same person will automatically be together so there is no need to make a request in those cases. Reserved garages are labelled up with drivers surnames prior to your arrival and a garage list made available on the website shortly before the event, once published no further changes will be made. Please note Garages cannot be reserved for evening events but any that are not occupied can usually be used. Some venues do not have garages, if they are not listed then they are not available.

Helmet Hire

Hire a full face helmet for the event, £10 on the day on a first come first served basis. Cotton helmet liner is provided and we need a driving licence to be held as a security deposit until returned.


Add a Passenger, giving them the opportunity to sit alongside you during the event. A great way to thank friends, supporters and sponsors. 

Participants at this level need to be able to meet the following criteria:-
  • Passengers must be 16 of age or older and anyone under 18 will need a parent to sign for them on the day.
  • Arms and Legs must be covered when inside the vehicle.
Please Note
Passengers can only added on the day (£10)
Passengers can arrive and sign on throughout the event
Please note that garages cannot be reserved for evening events as they are usually occupied by the proceeding day event when you arrive on site. If the garages are vacant from 17:30 then you are welcome to use them for the evening event however the day occupants have priority and should not be pressured or harassed to vacate them and you should remain out of the way until they have left.

Ex Tax: £74.17
Price in reward points: 89
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Reward Points Earned: 5

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